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Discover the serenity, luxury, and refinement of a high quality Lifestyle & Wellness Club in China and Thailand.
Become a member of our unique, integrative, and holistic approach to outer beauty, inner wellbeing, peace of mind, and passion for life. Sculpt your body, relax your mind, align your energy, and deepen your intimacy with the creative flow of life & soul. Since 2002, Rebecca Total Wellbeing has helped many distinguished members to enjoy a healthier, more balanced, beautified and romantically passionate lifestyle.

Rooted in the philosophy that “Health is Wealth,” and drawn from her expertise in movements, dance, coaching and consulting, founder Rebecca Li has created a unique lifestyle concept that offers her members the opportunity to enhance their body-mind-spirit, while deepening their relationship with the creative flow of life. 

Our Chiang Mai Chan Rou Paradise facility in Thailand is located in an oasis of peace, within an upscale health and wellness environment that is only accessible to our exclusive members.

Our health & wellness facilities are located in Beijing, China (生命滙 Life Infinity - Yintai Center, Park Hyatt Hotel), and Chiang Mai, Thailand (Chan Rou Paradise). Our members can choose between an oasis of tranquility in the heart of Beijing or an escape from noise and stress to a quiet, and peaceful place in the nature of Northern Thailand. Our health & wellness facilities are your “Haven of Life.”  Rebecca Total Wellbeing is about learning to live, enjoy, and appreciate every moment, and in so doing, creating a personal path to health and wellness

Awaken to the Unity of Body-Mind
Merge with the Harmony of Life


Rebecca Total Wellbeing had its beginnings when Rebecca Li first discovered the tremendous benefits of an integrative approach to health and wellness; one which equally cares for the body, mind, and spirit. Focusing not only on the physical, but also the emotional and spiritual aspects, embracing and acknowledging all these different elements that are the essence of our human being.  [Continue]


Rebecca’s innovative approach to health and wellness focuses equally on outer beauty, inner health, peace of mind, and passion for life. Her integrative collection of services mutually enhance each other to achieve maximum results with minimum efforts. From the zero-impact toning & conditioning system—禪柔-Chan Rou, Nutritional Counseling , to Lifestyle Consulting and Fresh Cell Therapy, Rebecca offers her members a state-of-the-art wellness approach that leads to a healthier, more balanced, beautified, and passionate lifestyle. [Continue]

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